i love the finals, so I updated the ui

ui Design
The Finals, crafted by Embark Studios, stands as the newest sensation in the competitive and thrilling FPS realm. Drawing high praise from beta testers throughout 2023 and poised for an exciting release, it has quickly made its mark. However, like any game, it's not immune to the quirks and bugs that come with the territory. Among these, certain UI design choices could benefit from a reskin. That's where I step in – consider this the inaugural phase of proposing a improved concept UI for The Finals main menu.
main menu
This is the "main menu" to The Finals and is great for contextual information and easy management, but lacks some design choices to consider.
fresh start.
To start by replacing the background of the main menu with an image from the assets provided by Embark Studios to differentiate my design.
version 0.1
join the discord (info box) & page buttons.
The "Join the Discord" box appears redundant and could be integrated into the "Buy Battle Pass" box on the left, which primarily showcases the shop or could be a splash screen when entering the game. Removing the "Join the Discord" box allows us to center the page buttons between "Contestants" and "Play" to minimize empty space. Additionally, the "League" section should include player info alongside ranked data all together, via the newly renamed "Barracks" button.
version 0.2
contracts & Battle pass.
The "Contract" section could receive an upgrade with a slideshow feature the shop have, cycling between "Daily," "Weekly," and "Sponsor" challenges. These challenges could display more details without requiring users to click into a menu, seamlessly moving from left to right. Additionally, a slight refresh to the "Battle Pass" level box atop the "Contracts" section could enhance its appeal.
version 0.3
shop highlights (slideshow) & season length.
The "Shop Highlights (Slideshow/)" have included a gradient introduced to emphasize item rarity instead of a thin line. All information at the top is now left-aligned for consistency, and a timer has been placed at the bottom right. This timer is dynamic, showcasing information for daily, weekly, and season-long items. Additionally, the season length text has been relocated to the left for improved readability, as right alignment felt somewhat awkward.
version 0.4
top bar & invite to party.
The "Top Bar" can be enhanced by removing the "VR Currency" limit indicator and highlighting its color when maxed out at 3,000. The "Friend's Icon" has been shifted to the left, accompanied by a new icon with a plus to showcase an area to invite others. A redesigned profile layout has also been implemented. Lastly, the "Gear Icon (Settings)" has been replaced with a hamburger icon, as clicking it leads to a menu more aligned with a hamburger menu rather than settings. Additionally, the "Invite to Party" function has been updated to allow for quick invites to friends, eliminating the need to navigate to the friend's menu separately.
version 0.5
name tag, loagout, & matchmaking.
The "Name Tag" has undergone a redesign for three distinct states: out-of-ranked, ranked tournaments, and ready. In out-of-ranked, it displays an icon representing the medium class, denoted by "M." When in a ranked tournaments, it showcases the current ranked badge, while a checkmark indicates all players are ready for ranked matches. Loadouts can now be toggled below the center of the screen, resembling the setup stage in the starting match. Additionally, matchmaking for all game modes, previously positioned in the minimalist top area, has been relocated and redesigned with an accompanying image to prevent overlap with the top bar.
version 0.7
final main menu screen.
To finalize the design, we could add a subtle warp effect to the entire overlay that is similar to the overlays that could be shown in-game.
final version
pause menu
The current "pause menu", both in-game and out-of-game, could benefit from some improvements. In-game, the pause menu covers the entire screen, disrupting gameplay. To change this adding a gradient to the real-time gameplay and left-aligning the options could enhance usability if pressed accidentally. Furthermore, including additional options would provide more functionality for players. Meanwhile, the out-of-game pause menu could maintain its original centered layout while receiving minor tweaks in color, logo, and options. These adjustments would refresh the pause menus, making them more user-friendly and visually appealing.
final thoughts on the finals ui
This case study reflects my ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience of the game that I enjoy and would love to see. While I acknowledge that perfection is elusive, the updates presented here represent significant improvements that I find satisfactory for implementation. There's always room for further refinement and inspiration, and I hope this post serves as a catalyst for others to improve their favorite games. Feedback is crucial for progress, so feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out through the contact page. I'm eager to hear thoughts and ideas for future updates.
As of 4/11/24, after Season 2 release, some of these changes I consider have been added.
All images and references are not for profit and owned by Embark Studios.