Disturbance a surreal psychological horror (Concept)

game design | Solo project

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role: Game Designer, Programmer
timeline: Spring 2024 (14 weeks)
skills: Sound Design, Visual Design, UX & UI Design, Programming, Game Design, Problem Solving
TOOLS: UE Blueprints, Unreal Engine 5
course: Academic Project (Spring 2024)
A culmination of research and creative exploration in game design philosophy and development. With a focus on leveraging psychological insights, to craft a meaningful project that delves into the depths of human experience. Inspired by the concept of 'The Fear of the Unknown,' my aim was to create a psychological horror game that immerses players in a world of suspense, tension, and paranoia. Rooted in the theme of the Fear of the Unknown, my vision was to create an immersive experience that compels players to confront mysteries and uncertainties. This was an ambitious endeavor to challenge conventional norms in the psychological horror genre, conceptualize the projects future, and challenge myself in creating my first Unreal Engine 5 video game.



Delving into the Fear of the Unknown providing insights into crafting an immersion that resonates with players. Learning Unreal Engine 5 was fundamental, enabling me to set a creative vision with current generation technology. Exploring the nuances of sound design, particularly in diegetic and non-diegetic sounds, to late cultivate an immersive horror atmosphere. Navigating the intricacies of level design, I refined my skills in building the main game environments.


Game design document: Create and draft the game idea into a live document of ideas and structure.
playable demo: Learn and build a playable demo in Unreal Engine 5.
fear of the unknown: Present a PowerPoint on the use of the concept the Fear of the Unknown.
playertesting: Create a player feedback document and reflect on possible changes to the game.
finalize demo: Create and expand the playable demo to a finalize demo.


week 1-4: Create initial draft of Game Design Document (GDD). Producing my initial game project, with basic first person mechanics, with finalized GDD.
week 5-8: Creating basic to advance mechanics and features to develop playable demo.
week 8-10: Synthesize findings and prepare research report and presentation.
week 10-14: Finalize playable demo with occurring feedback, present Fear of the Unknown presentation. Submit all deliverables for academic review.